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Lia Deniati, SH is the owner of Lia Deniati Solicitors. A small law firm in Lovina Bali, with a small team comprising of, lawyer, a paralegal, an interpreter, and a secretary. As a lawyer herself- she knows the ins and outs of the business. The team provides legal assistance, and a lawyer should a case be brought to the court of Singaraja. Most cases, however, are resolved through mediation and discussion between the parties involved. A lawyer in Lovina, Singaraja Bali, specialized in criminal law in the Lovina area is used when legal assistance is required in that field.
The Lia Deniati, SH Solicitors web site operates under the name law office lovina.

Property Disputes

People are rarely aware of the legal complexities surrounding the ownership of land and any buildings that are on it. This is usually because they have received incorrect advice or have not sought solid legal assistance.
This situation can result in disputes about ownership of land or buildings. We are available to assist you, in understanding your legal position, and to offer the best solution. Usually in the form of mediation between parties
in a friendly but professional matter.
Taking cases to Lovina’s Singaraja capital court  is an expensive process and should be seen as a last resort. Thankfully we are able to solve 90% of the cases presented to us through negotiation in which we represent our clients.
The Lia Deniati, SH Solicitors website operates under the name law office Lovina.

How To Own Property In Indonesia

The most secure way to own property in Indonesia is through establishing a PT PMA, or an Indonesian Limited Liability Company, and placing the property as the companies investment. This may seem overwhelming at first glance- but it is actually very simple.

Why We No Longer Recommend Nominee Agreements

Previously Nominee Agreements were the best way to own property in Indonesia, however, the government has recently changed its take on these agreements. Without good faith that they are in the best interest of our clients, we can no longer recommend that process.

What Is A PT PMA?

PMA Indonesia (Penanaman Modal Asing) or PT PMA (Perseroan Terbatas Penanaman Modal Asing) is also known as a Foreign Owned Company. This is a form of legal entity created under the Indonesian Law in which foreign investors can choose to conduct business in Indonesia to generate revenues or profit. At least two shareholders are required (President Director and President Commissioner) for the establishment of a PT PMA. At least one of the shareholders needs to be a foreign individual (or foreign legal entity). The Director needs to reside in Indonesia to take care of all daily activities. The foreigner who works and resides in Indonesia is required to obtain a tax number (NPWP) and a work permit (KITAS).

We Handle Everything For You

Although the BKPM has recently improved its services, it can still be a hazardous undertaking for a foreigner (especially one who is new to Indonesia and is yet to learn the language and customs) to arrange all permits in a timely and smooth manner. To avoid problems, most foreign investors prefer to use the services of a local company, one that is specialized in the setting up of a PT PMA or representative office, to deal with all procedures at the BKPM and other institutions. Lia is specialized in this process, and we offer packages for PT PMA at about €2500.

Mixed Marriages

Lia Deniati, herself married to a non-Indonesian national was always fascinated by this area of the law. She graduated from the Panji Sakti University Law department with mixed marriage as her major. Ownership by Indonesian – and non-Indonesian couples, immigration issues, dual Indonesian law. Citizenship for children, divorces, and adoption are just a few samples of this wide spectrum of Indonesian law.



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